Disney artist imagines the 'Totoro' ride Miyazaki fans dream of

While there's a whimsical Ghibli Museum, the chances we'll ever see a long-hoped-for Studio Ghibli theme park are likely slim, at best. Until that glorious day arrives, we can gaze at this imagined My Neighbor Totoro attraction and dream at what could be.

It's the work of John Ramirez, a Disney story artist and theme park designer who just happens to be a big Studio Ghibli fan. The ride is like a journey through the 1988 anime classic itself, with guests traveling in large acorn buggies though some of the film's key moments: from dad's office, through the bushes, past the turning tree, and so on.

It's pretty amazing, really. Ramirez told Kotaku that he's spoken with Hayao Miyazaki on numerous occasions about Disney building such a ride. And while he's had no luck so far, he refuses to give up.

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