Disney and Marvel drop more clues about 'Weird' project

The promise of "Something Weird" at the D23 Expo didn't lead to the announcement of a new project from Disney and Marvel, but rather the unveiling of another teaser -- this time a poster that yields a few clues.

Available in the fan gathering's Imagineering area, the poster shows two children standing in silhouette in front of a door and coffin-shaped clock adorned with a demonic face and battle-ax pendulum. Over the arch are the words, "Do You Dare Enter?" That's the image at right, courtesy of Marvel's Ryan Penagos.

The illustration would seem to lend credence to earlier speculation that the comic is based on the Museum of the Weird, an early concept for the Haunted Mansion. Disney began developing the idea for the big screen in 2010, but ultimately scrapped those plans.

But wait, there's more: The Marvel AR logo on the poster unlocks a video promising more information on the comic book -- it is confirmed as a comic! -- from Marvel and Disney's Imagineers in September.

Update: Marvel has released the official image, which you can see below.

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