Disney Already On Track For <i>Tron</i> Sequel

Disney's Tron: Legacy won't premiere for another eight months, but already the studio is planning a return to the ENCOM mainframe.

Heat Vision reports that Legacy screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, writers and co-executive producers for Lost, have begun work on a sequel to the film -- itself is a follow-up to 1982's Tron.

Details, somewhat understandably, are scant, considering that Legacy won't debut until Dec. 17. However, Heat Vision cites insiders as saying that the writers "are working on a way to round the story into a trilogy."

In Legacy, Garrett Hedlund plays Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who looks into his father's disappearance only to be pulled into the same digital world of Programs and gladiatorial games in which his father has lived for 25 years.

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