REPORT: Disney Expected to Add Cash for Fox Assets, Counter Comcast Bid

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With Comcast having officially entered a new bid to counter Disney's initial deal with 21st Century Fox, it's being said that Disney is looking to revise its original offer.

As first reported by CNBC, Disney is expected to revise its original offer to purchase the majority of 21st Century Fox by adding cash to its bid. Disney previously offered $52.4 billion in stock last year, with reports that said the deal has since grown in value to be worth about $55.5 billion, which had been enough to enter an agreement with Fox to purchase the studio's assets back in December. However, as Comcast has since re-entered the negotiations with a $65 billion cash offer, the Mouse House is now expected to counter Comcast's latest bid for Fox -- if needed, to ensure the deal closes.

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It'll all come down to what happens after Fox holds a board meeting on Wednesday to discuss Comcast's latest bid. Should Fox decide to engage in talks with the company, Disney would then have five days to match Comcast's offer. It's then that Disney is expected to add cash to its previous offer in order to sweeten the pot and, hopefully, continue on track to close the deal between Disney and Fox by Summer 2019.

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This isn't the first offer from Comcast. In fact, the company made a prior offer before Disney and Fox announced any sort of deal back in December. However, at the time, the Murdoch family opted to go with Disney over antitrust concerns with Comcast. Now that a judge has allowed AT&T to successfully purchase Time Warner, though, those concerns are seemingly gone and the move has allowed Comcast to confidently counter Disney's deal. While the ball is still very much in Disney's court for the time being, we should have a clearer idea of where Fox's assets are headed by Thursday.

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