Disenchantment Season 2 Hides Some Futurama Easter Eggs

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Disenchantment Season 2, streaming now on Netflix.

Many of the creators behind Disenchantment previously worked together on Futurama, Matt Groening's twice-canceled animated sci-fi comedy. Although that series, set in 31st-century New New York, wouldn't seem to have much in common with Groening's Disenchantment, there are actually a couple of sly references to Futurama in the second season of the fantasy sitcom.

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Here are the major references to Futurama that you may have missed in Season 2.

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Bender Reference

Bean's father, King Zøg, spends the early episodes of the new season as the only living thing in Dreamland. Eventually, a group of Bozaks captures the pig Merkimer with the intention of eating him. Zøg follows after him and is initially terrified by the prospect of getting into a fight. But the smell of cooking pig sends him into a fury, and he attacks all of the monsters. While leaping into battle, he screams, "Kiss my shiny metal ax!"

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That's a direct shout-out to the catchphrase of Futurama's Bender, played by Zøg's voice actor, John DiMaggio. Arguably the break-out star of the show, the loud-mouth crook was well known for his frequent proclamation, "Kiss my shiny metal ass!" Zøg also screams another Bender catchphrase later in the season: "Let's go already!"

Farnsworth District

When Bean leaves her home in "The Electric Princess," she embarks to Steamland. Despite the insistence of Skybert, the man who brought her to the city, Bean sneaks out of his ship to explore the city on her own. The entire sequence feels like something out of Futurama, full of strange inventions and modifications to the way the world works. But there are actually some specific call-outs to the earlier series hidden in the second act.

Bean goes to Gunderson Airships, located on Farnsworth Boulevard. That's, of course, the last name of the Professor from Futurama. There's even a more subtle reference to the sci-fi comedy in the form of a model of the Planet Express ship owned by Farnsworth and used for his delivery service. The model appears within the Gunderson Airships building.

The second season of Disenchantment is currently streaming on Netflix.

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