Elfo's True Fate Teased in First Disenchantment Season 2 Teaser

Next month, Matt Groening's fairy tale satire Disenchantment will return to Netflix with new episodes. Now, a teaser for Part 2 shows Elfo's Part 1 fate may not be what it seemed.

In Part 1, Princess Bean reunited with her long-lost mother, which caused nearly everyone in the kingdom to be transformed into a statue. Then, Elfo -- everyone's favorite Happy Little Elf -- appeared to die. To make matters worse, Bean turned down a chance to revive him to reunite her mother, which was not a good idea in hindsight.

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A lot of fans speculated Elfo's fate wouldn't stick, since a post-credits scene showed him getting dragged away by two mysterious figures. The new teaser proves those fans may be right. After showing the aforementioned post-credits scene, it cuts to a new scene, where Bean hears a familiar voice and sees a familiar silhouette in some magical fire.

Of course, upon asking him if he was her dearly departed friend, she got a snappy response: "Lady! You're the one that called me! Hello?"

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Obviously, the teaser leaves many questions to be answered. Is there some way that Elfo can return to the world of the living? Can he return in some other form? Can the rest of the kingdom be revived? Just who is Bean's mother, and what is she planning? What is Bean's destiny? Is Futurama getting another reboot?

These questions and more will be answered this fall, when new episodes of Disenchantment premiere on September 20.

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