Disenchantment Part 2 Trailer Sends Bean to Hell & Back

Disenchantment Part 2 is taking a page out of Dante's Inferno.

In a new trailer, Princess Bean's entire kingdom has been turned to stone. Her long-lost mother turned out to be evil. Worse, her beloved friend Elfo is dead -- but not necessarily gone. The trailer reveals he has been enjoying himself up in Heaven. Bean manages to make contact with him through the help of a magic flame, but actually bringing him back won't be so easy. Luckily, Bean's demon familiar Luci has an idea: if Elfo can somehow break into Hell, he knows a way out. More to the point, he also knows a way in.

In addition to the show literally going to hell, the trailer also promises a lot more in store: pirates, invaders, flaming elves and even steampunk engineering. However, the trailer leaves plenty of questions unanswered. Can the gang save Elfo? Can they restore the kingdom of Dreamland? What does Bean's mother have planned? Just what is this prophecy that seems to have some hold on everyone's lives? And just who is this Juanita Demonheimer?

Disenchantment returns to Netflix on September 20. The first season is now available to stream.

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