Disastrous news, everybody! Through some ridiculously annoying glitch, I lost the entire original Top 100 Comic Book Runs entry, including all the ballots cast so far! Luckily, most people appeared to be waiting to vote, as I only had about 200 ballots cast so far, but 200 ballots is still a LOT of ballots!! So while I perfectly understand it if you are just way too irked to consider re-voting, I'd obviously greatly appreciate it if you would re-cast your ballots.

Terribly sorry about the screw-up. I don't know how it happened exactly, but I presume it was because I did something idiotic, so my sincerest apologies.


If you wouldn't mind re-voting, here is the new entry.

Immortal Hulk Will Bring Back a Classic Marvel Character in 2019

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