Director Joe Carnahan Releases His "Daredevil" Sizzle Reel

Following comments by Joe Carnahan that his "'Serpico'-styled" vision for Fox's "Daredevil" had gone "up in smoke," not because of a negative reaction but rather because time has run out on the license, "The Grey" director has released the sizzle reel he created to pitch his '70s superhero thriller to the studio.

Combining art from Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli's "Born Again" storyline with footage from 2003's "Daredevil" and several 1970s movies -- "Serpico" and "The Warriors" among them -- the clip sets the film firmly in 1973 Hell's Kitchen, at a time when the Manhattan neighborhood actually resembled its crime-ridden Marvel comics counterpart. Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly," from the soundtrack to 1972's "Super Fly," further sets the mood, aided by snippets of dialogue from "The Warriors" and, while not quite exactly contemporary, "The Untouchables."

Responding to reaction to the sizzle reel, Carnahan wrote last night on Twitter, "Fanaticism at its finest and a massive outpouring of love for the DD stuff. Aficionados of 'The Man Without Fear' you do my heart proud. "

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