Director Doug Liman Teases An 'Amazing' Justice League Dark Approach

The journey Justice League Dark has undergone from the comic panels to the silver screen has proven a tumultuous one, even by DCEU (DC Extended Universe) standards. Fan favorite director Guillermo del Toro was long attached to the project, but eventually had to dial his involvement back to a producer's role due to his busy slate. The film encountered a stint in development hell before finally being resurrected under Edge of Tomorrow helmer Doug Liman.

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"I have a really amazing take on it, that is in keeping with my approach to superheroes," Liman promised in a interview with Collider. "Jason Bourne is a superhero, of sorts. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena, in The Wall, are superheroes. They’re very grounded, but the amount of training and stuff that soldiers bring to the field, they’re like Iron Man. If they open up another pouch, they’ve got another thing. It’s amazing, how resourceful they are and how much stuff they bring into the field. They’re like superheroes. So, I’m really excited, with Justice League Dark, to actually look at what it’s like, if I actually tackle a real superhero, but it’s not gonna look that different from my other superheroes."

Asked if he knew when production is expected to begin on Dark, Liman's didn't offer a clear time table, but did include a peek behind the curtain regarding the director's creative process. "I have to have a passionate connection to my films, which I do with Justice League Dark," Liman said. "I have a way into the story that’s personal, the way I have a connection to The Wall. Not that I’ve ever been a soldier or been in the field, but the level of perseverance and the fact that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena just keep picking themselves up when all seems lost, I feel a connection to that. I feel like I have a little understanding of that because, in my own way, I’ve had moments of despair and that all is lost, and I’ve picked myself back up. I feel a real connection to Justice League Dark."

Little is currently known in terms of the movie's story, but it has been revealed that the characters featured in the film will consist of Justice League Dark comic regulars John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman, and Etrigan the Demon.

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Produced by Scott Rudin and written by Michael Gilio, the live action Justice League Dark adaptation has yet to been given a release date. However, fans can occupy themselves in the meantime by checking out the DC animated feature of the same name. Featuring the lineup stated above (in addition to the Dark Knight himself), the film can currently be found on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD.

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