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Dinosaur-related nitpicks of this weeks DC comics

by  in Comic News Comment
Dinosaur-related nitpicks of this weeks DC comics

To Joe Kubert (writer/artist) and Will Dennis (editor) of Tor:

That spiked-back crocodile thing  on pages 15-17?

Definitely not a sauropod.

To Bruce Jones (w), Al Barruinuevo (a) and Joey Cavaleri (e) of The War that Time Forgot

Re: The large dinosaurs identified as “brontosaurus” on Page 12:

(A) Apatosaurus was alive in the late Jurassic, NOT the late Cretaceous, and

(B) The dinosaurs in question are almost certainly not apatosaurs:

1) Apatosaurs are low-browsers, adapted for eating bushes and grasses, not for plucking the tops of trees. Bottom line: They’d break their necks if they tried to reach them as far from parallel with their backs as the  supposed “Brontosaurus” shown in this panel. 2) Their tales were used to balance their upper body, and should not be dragging on the ground. 3) The high-on-the-head nasal openings aren’t an Apatosaur characteristic.

This critter is almost certainly from clade Macronaria, which contains Brachiosaurus, not clade Diplodocoidea, which is where we’ve stuck Bronto/Apatosaurus. (Although I do believe the tail on the animal in question is longer, compared to body length, than any known Macronarian.)

Here’s the difference:

Apatosaurus Ajax:


Also Pterosaurs as large as the one shown on page 4 probably didn’t have teeth, and the head on the T-rex from page 21 should be longer and narrower.

And, hey, should anyone at DC need further consultation on dinosauruia, I’m available at a very reasonable rate. 

Tor was good.   War that Time Forgot wasn’t.   But (writer) Bruce Jones prior Dinosaur-centric  book A Rip in Time, done with artist Richard Corben,  was quite entertaining, and should be snatched up if you see it cheap.

Also Countdown to Mystery might well be the last Steve Gerber plotted book ever.  Isn’t that sad?

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