Dinner Opportunity with Fiddler's Green Guest of Honor

Official Press Release

Fiddler's Green Guests of Honor have agreed to participate in a special opportunity for our attending members who register early -- everyone who is registered as a Fiddler's Green attending member by *August 14* will have the chance to go to Friday-night dinner with a Guest of Honor! The chances are even greater for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund members (since Fiddler's Green is happening to support the CBLDF), so those who aren't already a CBLDF member, consider joining now!

There will be eight seats available for each GoH dinner group. Six of those will be available only to Fiddler's Green CBLDF members. The other two will be available to Fiddler's Green members who aren't CBLDF members.

For details of the lottery, please visit: http://www.fiddlersgreencon.org/dinner.htm

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