Digital Webbing presents a venue for testing new creations by professionals

Official Press Release

[Digital Webbing Presents]HAVERHILL, MA. -- Digital Webbing Presents, the new anthology published by Ed Dukeshire and digitalwebbing.com allows creators to 'test drive' their concepts and creations in a proven, reliable venue rather than investing and losing thousands of dollars in a risky and contracting market.

DWP began when publisher and webmaster Ed Dukeshire saw so many talented and creative artists and writers unable to find work or keep positions and most of these creators did not possess the startup capital to self-publish. Ed's solution was to band together the resources of these creators into an anthology, where each creative team contributed a portion of the costs benefiting all involved.

Ed Dukeshire's professional website, www.digitalwebbing.com, receives thousands of unique hits a day, all of whom can be made aware of a prospective creator's inclusion in an issue of DWP. Many creators have made use of publication in DWP just to copyright their work while others rely on the exposure received through Digital Webbing to interest prospective publishers.

"Most of the oxygen in the comic industry gets sucked up by the big publishers," said Ed Dukeshire, "but the combination of DWP and digitalwebbing.com can bring the attention a creation deserves, and give it a chance to live."

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