"Digital Webbing Presents" #19 goes Full-Color to welcome Steve Niles

Official Press Release

HAVERHILL, MA, AUGUST 5, 2004 - DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS, the long-running indy anthology makes the leap to full color, just in time to debut a new concept from acclaimed horror-master Steve Niles!

Niles, best known for 30 Days of Night, teams with artist Kody Chamberlain to tackle sci-fi horror with "Sherman Danger: Robot Hunter."

"Sherman Danger is about an out-of-work robot hunter who's finally settled down and started a family," explains Chamberlain. "The robot problem that's plagued man is finally under control, until things heat up very quickly and Sherman gets pulled into action again. It's a fun story with some great characters that readers are going to love."

Chamberlain, set to work on a new IDW book with Niles, has nothing but praise for his collaborator. "Steve Niles is a fantastic writer. His stories are always fun and fast paced with plenty of twists. But there's something else about Steve that often goes unsaid - he loves giving new artists a shot in the business." Chamberlain also inks and colors the story.

DWP #19 also marks the debut of a crossover featuring characters from previously published tales. "A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" is a collaboration of DWP alumni - written by Ian Ascher and Kevin Melrose, and illustrated and colored by Scott LeMien.

"I think the coolest part of the crossover is the idea of what could happen... if?" says LeMien. "Ian's Guild is comprised of stage magicians who have become assassins. Very hardcore and savvy characters - but what if they met real, primal magic? Magic that kills in ugly and heinous ways. Imagine how that would mess with their world!"

Ian Ascher agrees. "Both concepts deal with crime and magic, but of different kinds. We wanted to see if the worlds could be merged - and I think the results are pretty good."

LeMien was thrilled at the opportunity to be part of DWP's first color outing. "I went hog-wild and colored the story based on the changing time-frame of the story. It starts during sunset, then, when inside, I use subjective lighting in an EC or "Creepshow" feel to show escalating tension as fortunes change. It ends in evening, and I threw in every kind of texture and color I could think of, to see what would 'stick.' Color is a new experiment, so if I'm showboating a bit, I can attribute it to DWP's new bold leap!"

Rounding out the issue is "How I Spent My 21st Birthday" by artist/plotter Nick Postic, writer/plotter Troy Wall, and colorist Nick Marinkovich. "It's the story of a young man who agrees to be exposed to new drug treatments in order to make some quick cash. The treatments lead to some serious side-effects, leading to some "David Lynchian" events!" says Postic.

"Being in DWP #19 is like an IDW Publishing reunion!" adds Postic. "Nick [Marinkovich] and I are the artists for IDW's UNDERWORLD series, and Steve Niles has contributed a story, too!"

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #19 (32 pages, full color cover and interiors, $3.50, is solicited in August's PREVIEWS (ITEM: AUG04 2670) for a October release.

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