Digital Webbing comics for August, 2002

Official Press Release

[Digital Webbing Presents #4]Haverhill, MA - The hit Internet anthology 'Digital Webbing Presents' is nowbi-monthly with our fourth issue. This issue kicks off the serializedadventures of AMBER AND ALLEY as they battle the menace known as... Harvey?Also, when it absolutely has to get there.you call THE COURIER, and BLAMMO:THE SPACE MONKEY proves that when you're the only human in space, strangethings are bound to happen. Plus, explore love, jealousy, and shooting poolwith strangers in the autobiographical vignette A NIGHT AT OLDFIELD'S, takea ride with a truck driver who gets an unusual PEP TALK, and witness afather make the ultimate sacrifice to save the HUMAN RACE. Diversity,quality, and a spectacular wrap-around cover by Sanford Greene (Adventuresof Superman) and Garry McKee II, colored by Hi-Fi Design.

Digital Webbing Presents has continously hit Diamond Comic Distributors' Top300 Best Selling Comics list since it's first issue. Wizard Magazine ran afull page article in their March issue praising "With this talent alreadyturning heads in the industry, the anthology series may soon turn into abreeding ground for tomorrow's big names."

Also in August, Digital Webbing is offering the Ma brother's BURN: RAIN. Afull color one-shot. Previously previewed in the pages of Digital WebbingPresents #1, BURN: Rain is the first book from the creative team at EpicProportions Art Studio. The story: Troy and Marlon are ambushed by theirformer gang members in a nightclub while the heartbroken Meiling awaitsTroy's return. Love, honor, violence, betrayal and brotherhood take placein a stylish and moody gangland Chinatown. The drama drama goes down like asmooth drink at the bar of one part visual and one part narrative for somepure intoxicating imagery. Shipping with 2 different covers in a 50/50 ratiosplit.

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