Digital Webbing announces new imprint and horror one-shot

Official Press Release

[Freakshow]HAVERHILL, MA - August 5, 2003 -- Digital Webbing and Fiction Factory are proud to announce FREAKSHOW, a 32 page, four story horror one shot written by C. G. Kirby and penciled by Steve Morris, Ryan Ottley, Enzo Pertile and Dan Schmidt. Cover by Ryan Ottley and Matt Webb (Green Lantern, X-Men). The book is available for ordering from the August 2003 Previews and shipping in October.

FREAKSHOW is inspired by the classic EC horror books and the revered Warren titles EERIE and CREEPY. "It was a fun book to write. I'm a big fan of the old horror comics and I wanted to create a collection along those lines. It's cliché to call this a labor of love, but that what it was for me," says writer C. G. Kirby. "It's been great to see the project take shape from the early script stages to recruiting the artists to finalizing the cover art and logos. Seeing the artwork for the first time for each of the stories was especially gratifying. These guys are doing exceptional work," he adds. "We've got zombies, demons, escaped convicts and psychic connections to serial killers. Something for everyone!"

The horror book also marks the debut of Kirby's Fiction Factory comics imprint. "It's my own little publishing house where I get to put my stuff out under the Digital Webbing banner. FREAKSHOW is our first book." says Kirby. "I approached Ed Dukeshire, Digital Webbing webmaster, letterer extraordinaire and E-I-C about FREAKSHOW and creating the imprint and he was onboard with the idea from the start. Ed is really working hard to expand the variety of Digital Webbing offerings and keep the production levels high. It's a great place to put out comics."

FREAKSHOW is 32 pages, B/W and shipping in October from Digital Webbing/ Fiction Factory and priced at $2.95.

Check out the FREAKSHOW preview at www.digitalwebbing.net.

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