Digimon: 10 Places We Want to Visit in the Anime Digital World

It has been 20 years since Digimon first appeared to audiences worldwide. Since the 20-year anniversary is being celebrated by looking back at the series that began it all with the announcement of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, it is also time to look back on the world of Digimon.

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In a world as harsh and monstrous as the Digital World, it can be hard to find good places to relax and have a good time. Therefore, it is imperative, before your next journey to the Digital World, to become familiar with all the hottest spots to visit on your adventure.

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10 Jijimon and Babamon’s Home

When Rika, Renamon, Kenta, and Kazu from Digimon Tamers got separated from the rest of the group in the barren wasteland version of the Digital World, they found salvation in an old couple. That couple was Jijimon and Babamon, a pair of Digimon who look and act like humans.

Rather than leave these kids out in the desert to die, the two elderly Digimon welcomed them into their home, preparing a wonderful meal. Notably, the house feels a bit like Thanksgiving as the two bicker about any petty thing they can think of because of boredom. It is hard to find a place that feels like home in the desert, but Jijimon and Babamon make it work.

9 Ophanimon’s Castle

Maybe physical adventuring is not the life for you. Respecting your choices, here is an option for you. During the events of Digimon Frontier, the gang stumbles across the castle belonging to their good friend Ophanimon. While it is the third castle of the series, it is easily the most pleasurable for anyone not wanting to fight or explore physically.

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Rather, you can explore mentally. This castle has a library thousands of feet tall with hundreds of thousands of books. JP says it best when he mentions he “didn’t even know there were this many books.” Don’t worry about having to climb to get the ones on the top shelf because Nefertimon is there to oversee the library, and she has wings.

8 Giga House

Much like the Amber Castle in the Pokémon World list, this one requires you not be afraid of bugs in general. Making its appearance in Digimon Adventure 02, the Giga House is exactly what it says, a giant house. At first glance that may not seem interesting, but it offers so many opportunities.

The food portions available are mightily sized, there is at least one bed shown that could fit a party of 1000 comfortably, and there are giant books for a bit of reading and exercise. Not to mention the computer that is basically a movie theatre. The bugs aren’t even that bad unless someone plays a flute.

7 Hamburger Village

Feeling a bit puckish from your journey to save the Digital World? Not anymore once you get to Hamburger Village. Deemed a “hamburger lover’s paradise” by Bokomon, the village is inhabited by the Burgermon who make the most delicious burgers in all the Digital World.

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Maybe just eating them isn’t your thing, so feel free to take your shot at making your own burger. With hundreds of ingredients to chose from, like regular beef and veggies to more exotic fruits and seafood, the world is your oyster as far as burger-making goes. If you do make a great burger, be sure to make enough for everyone to try!

6 Freezeland

Just off the main continent of File Island, Freezeland is a chilly landscape that holds many secrets. Much like Greenland, the ice is a significant drawing factor. Done away are those pesky buildings with their architecture and function. Instead, there are snowstorms and unplugged refrigerators that hold tons of food.

Also found in Freezeland are luxurious hot springs, which are the real reason to visit. The drastic change in temperature can be so relieving to the body. Like the scene from 2005’s Fantastic Four where Chris Evan’s Johnny Storm creates a jacuzzi on accident, these hot springs can be an intimate place for fun. It will help if you bring tinder and a fire starter though.

5 Colosseum

If you and your friends are looking for a nice place to have a solid day out, look no further than the Colosseum. Featured in the episode where Agumon digivolved into SkullGreymon, the Colosseum is a great place to go to watch a much better version of the UFC, meaning a ton of missiles, fish attacks, and electricity.

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Not only are there regularly scheduled events that happen, but you can also just go there and hang out, maybe play a little bit of soccer since there are goal posts set up and balls at the ready. Just make sure your goalie doesn’t get trapped underneath the net of the goal.

4 Digitamamon’s Diner

There are actually two versions of Digitamamon’s Diner. The first diner is truly what you would think of as a diner. It has everything you can think of on the menu. The servers are Vegiemon and owner Digitamamon wants to make sure your meal is good if you have proper currency.

The second version is soup diner. In the middle of a Digi-city, the new Digitamamon’s Diner offers up soups, ramens, and other liquid-based meals. Sometimes it is nice to enjoy a nice bowl of soup after a long day’s journey, so why not give the best soup in the land a try.

3 Shibumi’s Library

While exploring the Digital world, it is easy to find mountains and cities and diners, but not all locations are giant above-ground castles. Sometimes you are required to swim through an underwater cavern system to find a house in the center of the world.

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Shimbumi’s Library serves a similar purpose to the Digital World as Ophanimon’s Castle. It is where all the data from the world is stored for easy reading. Half of the fun is the adventure to get there since it requires a lot of work. The other half is sitting down, cracking open a good book and having a conversation with one of the men who created the world around you.

2 Toy Town

If the Digital World had a Disney Land, it would be Toy Town. The place where all Digimon toys go after being abandoned to be cared for by Monzaemon, this toy is filled with colors and the most imaginative collection of stuff since an episode of Hoarders.

Rather than a mouse, the town is filled with Bear shaped imagery such as signs, floor patterns and, even, balloons. It is the perfect place for children and adults alike to take train rides and play with small toys that play back. And sometimes a cactus fights a giant teddy bear in a round of fisticuffs. You never know what you’ll see.

1 Primary Village

Petting zoos, adoption days and college campuses have taught us one thing about people, they love tiny creatures. Primary Village is one of the only constants across the Digimon franchise due to its story aspects and its popularity. People love newborn babies and animals which extends to Digimon.

Rather than exploring harsh environments, it is much more fun to sit down with an egg and have it hatch into a Poyomon in your hands. If the hatchery part isn’t for you, there are plenty of baby Digimon running around that could use a friend for playtime. If you don’t have a Digimon partner yet, the birthplace of all Digimon is a great place to start.

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