10 Anime To Watch If You Love Digimon

Whether you grew up with the early seasons of the anime, started with the manga, or jumped into the fandom later on altogether, there’s no denying that Digimon is one the most unique anime series out there. Even though it gets compared to Pokémon because of its cast of adorable creatures, the story takes a much different approach to kids going on an adventure — and a much darker one at that.

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And after completing Digimon, fans might be left wondering, “What’s next?” It’s hard to find an anime with the same feel and themes, but there are a few that have similarities — even if they can’t completely fill the hole left by the Digital World. Here are 10 anime to watch if you love Digimon.

10 Pokémon

When it comes to looking for anime similar to DigimonPokémon is perhaps the most obvious recommendation. These two series came out around the same time, and as many fans have pointed out, they're incredibly alike at first glance. (Don't be fooled, though. Digimon is seriously different in terms of plot.)

But while the two series may not have as much in common as people assume, they do have elements that will appeal to a similar audience. For one, they both feature a range of interesting — and usually adorable — creatures with extraordinary abilities. They also both have younger protagonists who go on adventures and fight villains with these creatures. Pokémon does tend to focus less on the villains than becoming a Pokémon master, but... it still makes for a good follow-up to Digimon.

9 Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is another anime that came out around the same time as the first season Digimon, but it's actually been remade recently — meaning fans can choose which series they want to dive into.

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The story follows an elementary school student, Sakura, who accidentally releases the magic in a set of cards. She's then forced to find and recapture the magic she's released — taking her on an adventure where she faces a number of powerful beings alongside her friends. And that premise is sort of similar to Digimon, right?

8 Yu-Gi-Oh!

Speaking of cards and extraordinary creatures, Yu-Gi-Oh! is another anime that might appeal to fans of Digimon. Not only does it have that similar ‘90s-era feel to it, but it follows protagonists around the same age range as they protect an ancient Egyptian artifact called Millennium Puzzle from those who would use it for ill.

Protecting the puzzle involves dueling with Yu-Gi-Oh cards much of the time, and that brings with it a whole bunch of battles between interesting creatures. For those who enjoy that element of Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh! will be just as satisfying.

7 Dragon Ball Z

If you watched Digimon Adventure back when it first aired, you may already have fond memories of watching these two series after one another on the weekends. But if you've seen Digimon and managed to miss Dragon Ball Z, it's definitely an anime to pick up.

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Not only does Dragon Ball Z have a similar feel to Digimon when it comes to the colorful art style and '90s lingo, but the two also have some epic fight scenes. Dragon Ball Z boasts more shonen-style sequences than Digimon, but if Digimon fans are looking for lovable characters they’ll get to see in action, Dragon Ball Z is a solid choice.

6 Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon doesn’t have tons of creatures like Digimon (there is a cute cat though), but it does have plenty of magic and adventure. Following a group of young girls who have the power to fight villains as “Sailor Soldiers,” the series offers friendship, fight scenes, and an overarching good-versus-evil storyline — many of the things that draw people to Digimon.

This anime was also made in the ‘90s, so it has the same vibe many of the other ‘90s and early-2000s series on this list have. It also has some awesome female characters in it, just like Digimon.

5 Naruto

Naruto is a favorite for many anime fans, and it’s also a series that got many of us into anime in the first place — something it has in common with shows like Digimon.

Naruto doesn’t have a ton in common with Digimon when comparing their plots or characters, but it does offer viewers a coming-of-age story in the midst of a fantastical world. And it makes for a promising entry into anime, especially for viewers who haven’t ventured far beyond Digimon.

4 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood doesn't have much in common with Digimon when one considers the plot points and characters either, but the themes of the two series are undeniably in line with one another. For one, friendship is a driving point of both anime.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood also tends to delve into darker storylines, something that Digimon does quite a lot considering it's intended audience. If you're interested in darker subplots when exploring good versus evil, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood can certainly deliver on that.

3 Code Geass

Digimon fans looking for a more mature anime can try out Code Geass. Its first season aired back in 2007, so it has a lot of mannerisms that were common for anime of that time. It also offers a unique science-fiction future that will appeal to anyone who enjoys imaginative settings like the Digital World.

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Of course, Code Geass is far more political than Digimon. Fans looking to branch out a bit might enjoy it, though. And if you love Digimon’s villains, you may just love the revenge component of this series.

2 My Hero Academia

Digimon fans looking for a newer anime series to dive into should consider giving My Hero Academia a shot. It's quickly becoming one of the most-hyped anime currently airing, and while it's a bit more mature at times than Digimon, it's probably more suitable for the age range that grew up with the early seasons of Digimon. 

Sadly, there aren't any cute creatures on My Hero Academia. But the anime is set in a world where humans have developed superhuman abilities called Quirks, prompting the evolution of a superhero society. Given the premise, there's plenty of action to be found in My Hero Academia — along with themes like friendship and good versus evil.

1 The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland only has one season so far, but it's an anime that will certainly interest fans of Digimon. For one, it has plenty of those dark undertones present in Digimon. (It's a series about a group of orphans being raised to be fed to demons, so how could it not have some dark spots?)

Like Digimon, though, The Promised Neverland is full of characters who find light and hope even in all that darkness. And that’s part of why people keep coming back to these kinds of stories, isn’t it?

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