Diggle and Ferry on "Adam Strange" for DC

On his Delphi Forum today, writer Andy Diggle confirmed that he and Pascal Ferry will be working on a new "Adam Strange" mini-series for DC comics to come this September. Diggle shared some details as well as art with his forum members.

"The rumours have been circulating for months," said Diggle, "and finally we can announced it officially - I'm writing an 8-issue ADAM STRANGE mini-series that's spearheading a new direction for many of the DCU's sci-fi characters.

"It starts off grim and gritty in Gotham City, with Strange a washed-up drunk, down on his luck and in deep trouble with the G.C.P.D. --

"... but things soon take a turn for the cosmic as he becomes embroiled in an explosive intergalactic conspiracy. Insane aerial jet-pack dogfights, psychotic alien bounty-hunters, giant killer robots and exploding star systems follow in short order.

"Tentatively titled 'Planet Heist,' it's being drawn by Pascal Ferry of 'Action Comics' and 'Wildcats 3.0' fame. He has such an incredible talent for sci-fi character and environment design, it's going to be hard to resist the temptation to post every page here for you all to boggle at...

"But I won't. Guess you'll just have to read the comic instead! In stores September."

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