Diggle and Campbell's "Uncanny" to Return for "Season Two"

Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell are set to make a return to Dynamite Entertainment for the April-debuting "Uncanny: Season Two," a modern crime noir about humans with unnatural abilities.

"Season Two" picks up following the 2013 miniseries detailing the adventures of Weaver, who has the ability to steal knowledge and skills from other people. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Weaver dodges criminals and the authorities alike when he finds himself used as bait. While evading a shadowy organization known as Cadre, he also begins the search for the source of his own powers.

Of the upcoming arc, Diggle said in Dynamite's announcement, "In the new season of 'Uncanny,' artist Aaron Campbell and I rip away Dominic Weaver's veneer of self-assured cool to reveal the flawed, frightened and conflicted kid hiding beneath it. Weaver has a lot of growing up to do and little time to do it, if he wants to stay alive."

For Campbell, the creation of "Uncanny: Season Two" hit close to home. Recounting how he recently lost his father to cancer, he said in the press release, "I could remember being that scared little boy in footy pajamas held tightly in the powerful arms of my father. This moment was just like that... I am glad to have drawn something so very difficult that I am so very proud of."

"Uncanny: Season Two" #1 is scheduled for release in April with covers from Jock and Ben Oliver, plus a subscription variant by Campbell.

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