<i>Die Hard</i> comic chronicles John McClane's first year

BOOM! Studios released the solicitations for their August comics this week, and it looks like they might reveal two more comics that were part of the company's deal with movie studio Fox Atomic. The first is Die Hard: Year One by Howard Chaykin and artist Stephen Thompson. Here's the text:

BOOM! Studios is proud to present America's greatest action hero translated into the sequential art form for the first time! Every great action hero got started somewhere: Batman Began. Bond had his Casino Royale. And for John McClane, more than a decade before the first DIE HARD movie, he's just another rookie cop, an East Coast guy working on earning his badge in New York City during 1976's Bicentennial celebration. Too bad for John McClane, nothing's ever that easy. Join legendary industry creator Howard Chaykin on a thrill ride that's rung up over $1 billion in box office worldwide and become the gold standard for classic action! Yippee Ki Yay!

Issue ships with 3 covers in a 50/25/25 splitCOVER D (Incentive: 1 for every 25 ordered)

The cover above is cover D, a.k.a. the incentive cover. The other covers by Dave Johnson, Jock and John Paul Leon are after the break, but are marked "Not Final Art."

In addition, they've also solicited a graphic novel tie-in for the horror/dark comedy Jennifer's Body, which stars Megan Fox as a possessed cheerleader who kills her classmates. The movie is written by Diablo Cody of Juno fame and also features Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody and J.K. Simmons.

As for the graphic novel, here's the solicitation...like with Die Hard, they have creators working on this who make me sit up and take notice:

Both are Fox properties, though not necessarily Fox Atomic ... so whether they were the other two titles (besides 28 Days Later) that BOOM! teased at WonderCon isn't quite clear. Fox Atomic, as you may remember, is being shut down and its properties moved to other Fox divisions; how that affects BOOM! at all has yet to be revealed. BOOM! once again declined to comment.

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