DiDio Shares First Look At Giffen & Porter's Reinvented "Sugar & Spike"

When DC Comics this week announced a new slate of mini series starring some of their classic characters, one of the oddest standouts was a planned reinvention of "Sugar And Spike." Created by cartoonist and longtime DC staffer Sheldon Mayer, the original madcap toddlers are to be reinvented for the modern DC Universe by writer Keith Giffen.

And while at the time of announcement no art was seen, today DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio shared a first look at artist Howard Porter's take on the characters via his Facebook page.

"Someone is blackmailing the worlds greatest superheroes with embarrassing secrets from their past, and it's up to the only people every hero trusts, detectives Sugar and Spike, to find the culprit before these secrets are revealed," he said in a post revealing the cover at right (shown with an original Mayer cover for comparison). "Personally, I can't wait."

Giffen and Porter most recently teamed on "Justice League 3000" but have worked together frequently over recent years at DC. At the time of announcement, DiDio said of their "Sugar And Spike" series, "They're not spoiled kids anymore, but they're older and they're operating as private investigators handling problems and mysteries that the superheroes can't handle themselves."

The new Sugar and Spike are set to debut later this year from DC.

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