DiDio Says Upcoming Stories Bring "Clarity" to the End of "Convergence"

At the conclusion of last month's "Convergence" #8, the final issue of the two-month DC Comics event, it appeared that just about everything from the publisher's long history was now back in continuity, even if it had been previously erased by prior events. Yet in a chat with CBR News, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio said there may be more -- or less -- to that ending than widely interpreted by readers.

"I think what's fun is the conversation that it creates at this moment between the fans," DiDio told CBR. "As a longtime fan before joining DC, nobody was ever out there explaining the comic stories to me. We went out and tried to figure it out. I think what you'll see in the future are stories that will help bring some level of clarity to that. But from where we stand right now, I love the conversation. I love the excitement of people trying to figure it out, and make sense of what they see in front of them, and what it might be, or might not be, at the end of the day."

DiDio explained that it was the reaction to "Convergence" -- as seen in very strong sales numbers -- that motivated DC to pursue more stories stemming from the event, which ran from April to May and was headlined by a weekly series written by Jeff King with Dan Jurgens and Scott Lobdell; joined by a variety of artists including Ethan Van Sciver, Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia.

"'Convergence' was a surprise hit for us," he said. "There's a lot of excitement for it, a lot of energy to it, it's something that was built for a purpose. It was never to be something that was to be discounted. What was great about the team involved, they kept on elevating the material and finding ways to make it matter. We're going to be seeing things that seem to naturally come off of that series pretty soon."

Despite DiDio's declaration that DC will pursue stories that follow the outcome of "Convergence," don't count on the many earlier versions of characters seen during the event making a full-fledged comeback. The Co-Publisher made it clear during the interview that his focus is on moving forward -- as seen in the new series and story arcs launching this month as part of the "DC You" initiative, with a renewed focus on inclusive, accessible and diverse storytelling -- rather than revisiting the past.

"Instead of looking to the past of what we've done, I think we've got to embrace where we're heading, and what things might be coming in the future of our books and characters," DiDio said to CBR. "Not to discount anything, but realistically, I'm more excited about where we can go than where we've been. This was a great chance to see everybody, but I think after a while, you want to start seeing where we can be going to, and what can be new and fresh."

CBR's full conversation with DiDio also included his thoughts on the now-completed move of DC print publishing from New York City to Burbank, California, and the importance of bringing in new-to-DC talent, like "Superman" writer Gene Luen Yang.

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