DiDio Says All Three Weekly DC Series Will End in March 2015

DC Comics currently has three different weekly series in motion -- "Batman Eternal," the soon-to-debut "The New 52: Futures End," and the recently announced "Earth 2: World's End." DC co-publisher Dan DiDio took to his Facebook on Friday to provide a bit more information on the timing of all three series, which are set to end in the same month:

Batman Eternal started this April and runs to next March after which it takes a brief hiatus, Futures End starts this May and ends the last week of March 2015, and Worlds End starts in October and ends the same week as the others next March, hope that clears things up.

Exactly what "a brief hiatus" means for "Batman Eternal" has yet to be specified -- whether the series will last beyond a year, or if a new Batman weekly series will take its place. CBR News reached out to DC Comics, who declined further comment.

Additionally, "Futures End" concluding in March suggests that the run will be a bit shorter than the 52 issues that had been discussed in prior interviews on the series, likely closer to 48 issues. Based on DiDio's statement, the length of companion weekly "World's End," scheduled to debut in October, will likely be around 24 issues.

"Batman Eternal" #3 goes on sale this Wednesday. "The New 52: Futures End" debuts with a #0 issue available on Free Comic Book Day, May 3.

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