DiDio Details More of DC's "Convergence" Event

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio has given more clarity as to the full scope of the upcoming "Convergence" event, which sees the return of many pre-"Flashpoint" characters and stories starting in April. While speaking with the publisher's DC All Access YouTube show, DiDio said that "Convergence" is "probably one of the first times I can tell you that we're going to over-deliver," implied that Grant Morrison's "The Multiversity" will lead into the event and confirmed that all three of DC's weekly series are set to end April 1.

"Over the last few weeks, we've just been announcing pieces of 'Convergence.' You have 'Convergence" #0 coming out April 1, you have the three weekly series come to an end on April 1, and you have the final issue of 'Multiversity' coming out April 1," said DiDio. "This is a really exciting moment, because there's a sense of a lot of stuff coming to an end, but so much great stuff is about to begin."

The origin of "Convergence" apparently goes way back -- all the way to the first year of the New 52 in DiDio's "DC Comics Presents" #7, which featured the Challengers of the Unknown.

DiDio also delved into the upcoming "Convergence" miniseries, and how the structure and set-up allows for DC to revisit some of the popular abandoned timelines through its history.

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"Every week is very particular. There are going to be 40 cities on this world. Those cities come from what we call 'doomed timelines' and worlds throughout DC's history and lore," he said. "One of the things that happened with DC and the New 52 is when we launched the New 52 and we had the 'Flashpoint' story that got us there -- the stories that took place in the regular books ended rather abruptly, and I think that's where some of the concern comes from for fans. You didn't get the sense of closure you had with 'Zero Hour' or 'Crisis.' It left people wanting. The very first week is really visiting that pre-'Flashpoint' universe. We have some great comics in there that really pick up on some key storylines. We're dealing with the marriage of Lois and Clark, the Renee Montoya Question story -- we get to see the story of Ryan Choi, we get to see the story of Arensal's kid. Lots of bits and pieces that people have been wondering what happened to, you get to revisit that again with some level of resolution."

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