Did This Children's Book Just Spoil 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens?'

There's an intrinsic problem with marketing for highly-anticipated franchises and blockbusters. Since the products have to be printed and shipped long before the film comes out, there's always the risk of revealing some tightly held secrets. Well, that's just what's happened with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and a new children's adaptation of the film.

Making Star Wars (via ComicBook.com) has posted links to a number of Imgur images that appear to reveal some minor details about the December 18th release. Though many of these plot points have long been suspected and others are small details, they should be presented with a spoiler warning. The last one in particular might be something fans want to avoid knowing.

For those curious about what the book reveals, here are some of the more interesting points:

  • Max von Sydow will play Lor San Tekka, who, along with Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron, will put a message inside of BB-8 before sending the droid "off into the night."
  • The pilot Maz Kanata is apparently an "old mentor" of Han Solo. Han seeks Maz's help to return BB-8 and the message inside her to the Resistance.
  • Rey and BB-8 get captured during a battle between Leia's X-wing Squadrons and Captain Phasma's troops on the planet of Takodana.
  • The Resistance is stationed on a planet called D’Qar
  • Han, Finn, and Chewie are forced to crash the Millennium Falcon into the Starkiller Base.

While some of these facts have been partially revealed or theorized in the past (often by our own writers), this leak would seem to confirm at least a few details. That last one is pretty brutal, though.

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