Did Stan Lee Want to Marry Off Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy?

Appearing on AMC's "Comic Book Men," Stan Lee discussed how he didn't want Gwen Stacy to die in the '70s under writer Gerry Conway, and revealed his intention for her romance with Peter Parker to continue to play out in the comics.

In the following promo clip for the latter half of "Comic Book Men" Season 5 (via Entertainment Weekly), Lee reveals, "What bothered me the most - a few issues earlier, I had killed Gwen Stacy's father...It looked like we had some sort of hatred for the Stacys, like we were out to destroy them, which of course was not the case."

While Lee was O.K. with taking out Captain Stacy in earlier issues, he says the decision to kill of Gwen was purely the decision of then-writer Conway, while Lee was off on a business trip in Europe: "I hate him," joked Lee. "While I was in Europe, he killed Gwen Stacy! I didn't want to kill her."

Though Lee wouldn't be happy with the Archie comparison, he basically wanted a love triangle between Peter, Mary Jane and Gwen -- Betty and Veronica-style.

"Comic Book Men" returns for its second half of Season 5 on February 14 at midnight ET on AMC.

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