Did Misty Knight Just Punch a Shark?!

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Today we look at the time that Misty Knight punched a shark!

The hook with "Classic X-Men" in the early days of the series was that there would be extra pages added written by Chris Claremont to explain away certain details and that there would be back-up stories by Claremont (drawn by John Bolton) that would add to the characterization of the characters. These back-ups were notable for pretty much inventing the whole Jean Grey/Wolverine flirtation (in the original comics, Wolverine obsessed over Jean but she never showed interest in Wolverine. In the back-ups, though, she was totally into Wolverine, as well).

Anyhow, in "Classic X-Men" #13, Claremont and Bolton explored the friendship between Jean Grey and Misty Knight that we never really got to see in the original comics. They were roommates, but that's pretty much it. So in this comic, we see Misty and Jean hanging out on the beach, but Jean is dealing with becoming Phoenix. It is all super awkward, but then a crisis! A family is in trouble! So Jean heads off to help and Misty follows along to help, as well. Get ready for Misty and her shark-punching arm...

SHARK PUNCH! OH MAN! YES, MISTY! However, where is the family they were there to save?

Very cool stuff.

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