Did J.J. Abrams Just Confirm a Big 'Star Wars' Spoiler?

Never let it be said that J.J. Abrams doesn't know how to drive the Internet crazy.

The filmmaker, famous for his "Mystery Box" approach to secrecy, is either pulling the curtain back on his Star Wars: Episode VII plans, or leaning into expectations purely to rile up the fan base. The most recent case in point: Abrams announcing the results of the "Star Wars: Force For Change" campaign, by way of a mysterious photo:

The robot hand seemingly ties to recent rumors that the opening scene of Star Wars: Episode VII features a robot hand floating through space, fueling the film's central mystery. Is Abrams confirming that rumor, or just messing with us? Either way, it's a pretty fun way to engage with fans.

It's not the first time Abrams has directly responded to Episode VII rumors by fueling the rumors. When photos of the Millennium Falcon leaked, Abrams released a photo message asking people to stop "making ridiculous claims that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie," with the photo itself clearly taken inside the Millennium Falcon.

It sure seems like Abrams is having a blast making the movie, or at least tweaking fans. Here's hoping the energy keeps up as we march toward Episode VII's release of Dec. 18, 2015.

(via io9)

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