Did Green Arrow Really Have a Dead Black Cat Arrow?

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Reader Joey M. wrote in to ask:

My question is regarding Green Arrow. Someone told me that he read an issue where Ollie uses his "bad luck" arrow, which is a dead black cat tied to an arrow but he couldn't remember the issue number where it happened. It seemed too out there, even for DC's Silver Age, but I've been trying to find the issue, out of curiosity, with no luck. Do you happen to recall this issue?

Surprisingly enough, Carlos, it is ALMOST true, but not quite.

In "Adventure Comics" #247 (an issue which also introduced a little-known superhero team known as the Legion of Super-Heroes"),

France Herron and George Papp put together the delightfully odd story, "The 13 Superstition Arrows," where an old nutjob who was obsessed with superstition passed away. He decided that he would either build a $6 million statue in tribute to the power of superstition or he would have the money donated to the charity (or charities) of Green Arrow's choice, depending on whether Green Arrow could foil thirteen crimes using thirteen arrows that were each symbols of bad luck.

So yeah, he DID use a black cat arrow, but it wasn't an actual dead cat, just a symbol of a black cat. Still pretty weird!

Thanks, Joey! If anyone else has a question, let me know at brianc@cbr.com!

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