Did "Gotham" Just Debut Its Take On Killer Croc?

So far in its second season, Fox's "Gotham" has debuted a number of Batman villains in their fully formed state rather than the inklings of rogues to come the series has been known for. We've seen an ice gun-wielding Mr. Freeze, a mentally manipulative Hugo Strange and a full-blow angel of death in Azrael. But tonight the series teased a new face that could represent one of the most popular Gotham villains yet.

Did "Gotham" Just Debut Its Take On Killer Croc?

Towards the end of its "Unleashed" episode (see the CBR recap here), the show focused in on young Selina Kyle's infiltration of Arkham Asylum's "Indian Hill" subbasement where Hugo Strange has been cooking up a number of villains both known and unknown (the location first appeared last year after a debut of sorts for the Scarecrow). While slinking through the halls, Selina spots a raged-out beast with a somewhat scaly appearance that certainly seems to be a version of Killer Croc.

Hat tip to ComicBook.com for the screen grab, who speculate that the monster may also be Golden Age villain Solomon Grundy. But considering the fact that earlier this season we met an Indian Hill escapee with a reptilian hand, we're putting our money on the flesh-eating mobster known as Waylon Jones.

Created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, Croc has grown into one of the fan favorite members of Batman's rogues gallery since he debuted on the '90s "Batman: The Animated Series." But if this character truly is Croc, it'll be the villain's live action debut - months ahead of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's take on the character in Warner Bros.' upcoming "Suicide Squad" film, set to arrive on August 5.

Whether this Killer Croc is a future part of "Gotham's" plans or a one-off Easter Egg is yet to be seen, but stay tuned to CBR News for more as it becomes available.

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