Did 'Game of Thrones' Star Kit Harington Reveal Jon Snow's Fate?

There's been much hand-wringing and speculation about the fate of Jon Snow since the Season 5 finale of "Game of Thrones," with devotees of the novels left wondering whether we've seen the last of the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Even as HBO executives insist the beloved character is dead, fans have turned to Kit Harington's hair in search of clues.

However, now the actor appears to have (inadvertently?) revealed what the future holds for him, and for Ned Stark's bastard son. Warning: Potential spoilers!

In an interview with Belgian magazine "Humo" to promote his film "Testament of Youth," Harington was inevitably asked about "Game of Thrones." And in his response, he probably said too much:

[…] I often felt frustrated as well. I had to pass on amazing parts because I was attached to 'Game of Thrones." So the show is like a double-edged sword to me: I owe a lot to it, but > at the same time it has almost completely drained me. Oh well, I try not to think about it too much. The important thing is that I now know exactly how long I am still under contract, and in the meantime –

Interviewer: How many more seasons would that be?

Nice try (laughs). I can't talk about that. Let's just say that 'Game of Thrones' will remain a part of my life for a while, I'll probably be in my thirties when it's over. One thing's for sure: the day I'm no longer on Thrones is the day I'll bury myself in movie projects (laughs).

So, yes, it appears Jon Snow will returning for at least another season. How he'll return, and what condition he'll be in, are other matters entirely.

(via Uproxx)

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