Did Everyone Else Already Know This?

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Yeah, so Marvel has free issues on their digital comics site every week. I just found out about this. Via a banner ad at Cracked. So, I feel sorely out of the loop. Of course, I have a very low tolerance for reading comics on my computer (although Marvel's dotcomics did help get me back in to the medium back in 2001, oddly enough), but holy crap, they have Captain America #100 and Kirby's Black Panther! That's pretty cool. Of course, I prefer the dying print medium, but still; I'll have to keep an eye on that.

Of course, I just found out about a lot of NYCC news via House to Astonish, so I'm out of the loop on a lot of comics related things. In this case, that's down to my personal preference for hearing comic book news via Scotsmen, and Paul and Al just fill that specific void perfectly (although I can always hope that Craig Ferguson and Sean Connery start doing their own comics podcast, I suppose).

But seriously; how did I not find out that Greg Rucka and JH Williams were doing a Batwoman comic until now? That's also something I'll keep my eye on, even if I think Douglas Wolk had a point when he said this about her status quo after 52:

BATWOMAN: What Have We Learned?: She kicks ass and kisses girls, and her family's got money and a menorah. That is, I believe, literally all we know about her. Do I Want to Read More?: Now that I've spent a year wondering if there might be any more to her than ass-kicking and girl-kissing, I suspect there might not be anything that would make stories about her different from Generic Bat-Eared Action Hero stories.

Still, 12 issues of Williams on anything is nothing to sneeze at. I am kind of amazed it took them this long to get her in a starring role.

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