Did Everyone Already Know That Mark Bagley was drawing the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Because I didn't until I found it in my mail box this afternoon. This seems like the kind of thing Cronin would post about. It's not like it's that strange to see someone use the aesthetic of a comic in this context, but it's always weird when two of my more disparate interests converge. Sort of like John Byrne was drawing the Hardy Boyz... in Space! for the WWE Kids Magazine, which I almost bought just for that (well, and Ric Flair time traveling in his entrance robe, as illustrated by Steve Lightle. Alan Kupperburg really used his rolodex for that gig).

As for the cover itself, it's not the most striking cover in the world (I'm kind of lukewarm on Bagley; he's a solid storyteller, and an impressive work horse, but I'm just not a huge fan), but hey, at least it wasn't an ultra-serious portrait of Derek Jeter by Alex Ross. I would like to see George Perez do a Crisis style page choked with sports figures, though.

At any rate, it's really odd that no one mentioned this at all, ever. Weird.

Short Google Search Update: Okay, our parent site certainly knew about this. Among many, many, many others. Since I can't really top that last link (and I have a feeling Jonah probably won't be amused if I link to the entire rest of the interent that knew about this) I'll end this here.

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