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Did Doctor Strange Just Give Up on Saving His Apprentice?

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comics, Comic News Comment
Did Doctor Strange Just Give Up on Saving His Apprentice?

In Left Unresolved, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved.

Today, we look at how one of Doctor Strange’s apprentices disappeared and Doctor Strange went to find her and then, I guess, didn’t?

In 2009, Mark Waid and Emma Rios did a four-issue mini-series, “Strange.” In it, Doctor Strange met a young woman named Casey Kinmont, who helped him stop a demon. He taught her a brief vanishing/teleporting spell that he meant to be temporary, but instead Casey turned out to be a natural magician, so she kept using the spell. But she used it on everyday things. This turned out to anger the demon whose dimension all of the stuff she “vanished” ended in. Strange brokered a deal where the demon agreed not to punish her provided she doesn’t use the spell again…



In the following issue, another demon named Larry enlisted Strange’s help to help stop some young pageant girls whose souls were at risk. Strange introduced Casey as his new apprentice…


In the end, the demon (who was not able to directly interfere, hence him getting Strange to help) ended up brokering a deal that would allow him to get involved. Strange offered his soul, but it wasn’t enough, so Casey traded her soul to have the demon help save the souls of the young girls…


Larry seemed prepared to give Casey her soul back, but then they were all torn apart as magic all over the world began going crazy.

In the final issue, Strange basically performs surgery on magic. It’s sweet seeing how much Casey appreciated Strange in her life…


While Strange is doing the surgery, though, he is left defenseless, so the evil Silver Dagger showed up to take revenge on Strange. Meanwhile, Larry (who was trapped in a bad place) used Casey’s soul to get her to save him. However, she basically had to choose between getting her soul and saving Strange. She ended up choosing saving Strange.


However, just tackling Silver Dagger was not enough. He was kicking her ass, so she had to turn to the only magic she knew – the spell that the demon said he would punish her if she used! She saved Strange, but she lost her life in the process…


Strange (who was initially happy about successfully curing magic) was distraught, as he held her soul as it faded to black…


But wait! It DIDN’T die out!!


So Strange and Larry went off to find Casey. Only, well, obviously it has never been referenced since then, so I guess he just gave up after a while? It’s a shame, as I really liked Casey. Come on, Jason Aaron, resolve this bad boy!

If YOU have a suggestion for a good unresolved comic book plot, drop me a line at!

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