Archie's Dick Tracy Reboot Canceled Due to Licensing Error


The announced Dick Tracy reboot series from Archie Comics won't happen after all, due to a "preexisting licensing deal" preventing the comic book from going forward.

The Tribune Content Agency, license-holders of Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, confirmed the news on Tuesday via Twitter. In a series of three tweets, the Tribune Content Agency wrote, "Due to an unfortunate error on our part, Tribune is sad to announce that there will not be a DICK TRACY comic book series from Archie Comics. While we had high hopes for the book and Archie Comics negotiated the deal in good faith and is not at fault, we discovered a preexisting licensing deal that precludes us from continuing with this project. We apologize to Archie Comics, the very talented creators and their many fans."

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Archie's Dick Tracy series was announced in Dec. 2017, with the creative team of co-writers Alex Segura and Michael Moreci, with art by Thomas Pitilli. The series was to focus on Dick Tracy's early days as a detective.

"To say we're bummed is a huge, huge understatement," Segura, also Co-President of Archie Comics, said via Twitter. "I'm not going to say much else about this. Co-writing a Dick Tracy comic was a dream come true for me, and getting the chance to work with Michael, Tom and Archie Comics was an amazing experience. Sometimes things just don't line up. On to the next thing. Thanks, as always."

Archie's Dick Tracy series was scheduled to debut in April. There's no public world on what preexisting deal killed the Archie comic, but it's not the first time something like this happened -- word surfaced in 2010 that the Powers creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming were offered a Dick Tracy comic, but that was stopped by Warren Beatty, star of the 1990 Dick Tracy film, who still held some licensing rights to the character.

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