Dick Grayson Wears the Cowl Again in July (But He's Probably not Batman)

This July, former Robin, current Nightwing and occasional Batman Dick Grayson will once again don his mentor's iconic cape and cowl in the pages of Batman #51, by Tom King and Lee Weeks.

The solicitation for the upcoming issue teases an abrupt end to Bruce and Selina's honeymoon after the former is selected for jury duty in a case involving Mr. Freeze. However, it appears that in Bruce's absence, Gotham won't be left to fend for itself, because Dick will apparently be "running around the city dressed as Batman."

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Of course, this won't be the first time Dick has masqueraded as the Dark Knight. Most notably, he took up the mantle of Batman following Bruce's apparent death in Final Crisis, with Damian Wayne serving as his Robin. This time, though, it sounds like Dick's tenure as the Caped Crusader is only intended to be a temporary gig to cover for Bruce.

Here is DC Comics' full solicitation for Batman #51.


  • written by TOM KING
  • art and cover by LEE WEEKS
  • variant cover by OLIVIER COIPEL
  • The honeymoon’s over for Bruce Wayne as Gotham City’s most prominent citizen gets selected for jury duty in a chilling court case involving Mr. Freeze! Freeze claims the charges should be dismissed because Batman used excessive force; cue the outrage and media circus. While doing his civic duty, Wayne’s forced to take a hard look at the Dark Knight’s methods. And hey…what is Dick Grayson doing running around the city dressed as Batman?
  • ON SALE 07.18.18
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • Each FC | RATED T
  • This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

Batman #51, by Tom King and Lee Weeks, goes on sale July 18.

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