Dick Grayson Assumes a New Role in "Robin War" #2

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Robin War" #2.

The Robins may have won the battle, but the Court of Owls won the war.

Dick Grayson finally fulfilled his destiny and joined the Parliament of Owls at the conclusion of "Robin War" #2 by Tom King, Khary Randolph, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Steve Pugh, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens -- but it wasn't a decision he took lightly.

The war between the Robins and the Talons came to a head in the finale for this Robin-themed event. After defecting to the Court of the Owls himself, Damian revealed he did so in order to save Gotham City from destruction. However, after a conversation with Duke Thomas, he realized the error of his ways and helped drive the final blow against the Talons right alongside the Robins.

Unbeknownst to Damian, however, the Court of the Owls installed an explosive device in his mask. In order to save Damian, Grayson agreed to work for the Court and returned to the Batcave without telling his fellow Robins what had actually transpired; instead, he told Tim, Jason and Damian that he was gathering evidence against Councilwoman Noctua in order to put her behind bars.

The final-page cliffhanger finds Grayson declaring, "I am not Robin" and being welcomed into the Parliament of Owls, with a stinger promising more on this storyline in "Grayson." It's worth pointing out that Helena Bertinelli, the Matron of Spyral, met with a few Owls herself earlier in "Grayson." Since she didn't seem quite so pleased with the Owls the last time she encountered them, Grayson may be pulling a Damian in order to gather intel on the Owls for his spy organization.

"Robin War" #2 is now on sale.

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