Dick Ayers signs with Mecca Comics Group to publish TPB Autobio

Official Press Release

Comic book history in the making. "Dick Ayers, The Auto-Biography" will be a must have item for every comic book fan. And to top that off, Dick is working on a 1920's adventure series starring non other than the infamous Chip Wild, "The Wild One"!

Big News for Mecca Comics. We have always loved RB and now to be representing his life in comics is a dream come true for us. For anyone out there who does not know who Dick Ayers is, please take the time to investigate Dick and his career.

Dick is hands down one of the greatest contributors to the comic book industry ever. His collaborations start right at the top with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby both relying on Ayers and his masterful touch to finish their projects for years and years on end.

I could name hundreds of key comic issues that Ayers has been involved in but, to be honest we feel the best is yet to come. His trade paperback comic format Auto-Biography is truly astounding and every installment will be better than the last. His culminating effort for his own character line and story line "The Wild One" is again, astounding.

If you identify with quality material or if you are a kid and may have never seen material like Dick Ayers' you are in for a true treat! Stay tuned as we post Dick's covers and also start to post his character renderings in the next few weeks to come.

If we are all lucky we may be able to have the first installment from Ayers in a few months delivered! - JGB from The 3rd Pyramid

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