Dick Ayers' "Chips Wilde" Now Available for Preorder

Official Press Release

Columbia, SC- Mecca Comics is proud to announce the beginning of a masterful three-issue series done exclusively by the great Dick Ayers. Dick will present readers with three issues of this superb 1920's adventure comic certain to bring a smile to all comic fans! If you identify with quality material or if you are a kid and may have never seen material like Dick Ayers' you are in for a true treat!

Chips Wilde: The Wild One follows Chips and his faithful sidekick Noah the dog. They travel the changing old west in their 1920's "Autymobil" searching for Chips' long lost father. Learn how they escape trouble and even find a friend or two along the way.Will Chips and Noah eventually run into Chips' father? With determination, a little luck, and some help from a few friends, Chips and Noah may just find what they are searching for--but, not before they run into some really wild adventures which is what ultimately gets Chips his nickname, "The Wild One".Join the great Dick Ayers and Mecca Comics Group, in their quest to introduce quality comic book material from days gone by with a current twist! Order Item #JAN052862 from page #314 in the January Diamond Previews catalog!

There's still time to place a reorder for The Dick Ayers Story: An Illustrated Autobiography featuring the illustrious career of Dick Ayers. The order can be found in the December Diamond Previews catalog: Item #DEC042719.

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