DiCaprio Embarks on Viking Quest as 'King Harald'

Once upon a time, Leonardo DiCaprio was king of the world. Soon, he might be king of the Vikings.

The Oscar-nominated actor is at the center of a Viking project called King Harald, about the 11th-century conqueror and "last great Viking king" named Harald Hardrada. Mark L. Smith is writing the pitch for Warner Bros. with DiCaprio and his Appian Way producing the project. DiCaprio might star as Harald as well.

King Harald's reign was marked by victory and failure, with the ruler suffering exile in Russia for a time before a triumphant return to Norway. Deadline reports that the film is envisioned as "a Braveheart-style story." That's an interesting comparison, considering DiCaprio was once attached to headline a Viking movie directed by Braveheart mastermind Mel Gibson.

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