Diana Is the DCU's Final Hero in Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

Comic book creator Daniel Warren Johnson (Extremity, Murder Falcon) is making his DC Comics debut with Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, a dystopian vision of the DC Universe's future.

The four-issue limited series starring Wonder Woman will be released under the Black Label imprint. The 48-page prestige format issues are written and drawn by Johnson, with colors by Mike Spicer. Johnson and Spicer will also be providing variant covers for each issue. The series will debut December 18, with the subsequent issues releasing every other month. You can read the solicitation for the series' first issue below and see its cover.

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  • art and cover by DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON
  • variant cover by DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON
  • The celebrated creator of Murder Falcon and Extremity and artist of The Ghost Fleet, Daniel Warren Johnson brings bold sci-fi chops to his DC debut with a harrowing vision of Wonder Woman unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Princess Diana of Themyscira left paradise to save Man’s World from itself. When Wonder Woman awakens from a centuries-long sleep to discover the Earth reduced to a nuclear wasteland, she knows she failed. Trapped alone in a grim future, Diana must protect the last human city from titanic monsters while uncovering its secret of this dead Earth—and how she may be responsible for it.
  • $6.99 US |1 OF 4|48 PAGES
  • FC | APPROX. 8.5” x 10.875” DC BLACK LABEL
  • This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

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Daniel Warren Johnson is a comic book writer, artist and illustrator based in Chicago. His 12-issue scifi series Extremity published by Image/Skybound was nominated for the 2018 Eisner Award for Best Limited Series. Johnson has also created the series Murder Falcon and Space-Mullet and illustrated The Ghost Fleet.

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