Diamond's List of Marvel October Solicits Confirm X-Line's Continuation

With San Diego's Comic-Con International set to kick-off tomorrow, Marvel Comics will reveal more about their publishing line and what lies ahead as their heroes deal with "Civil War II" and enter Marvel NOW! But ahead of the convention, an early version of Marvel's October solicit information has been posted to the Previews World online catalog. While these early solicits are missing cover art, credits and synopses for the releases, there are more than a few reveals contained within. We've highlighted some of the ones that caught our eye below.

  • After all six of the X-Men titles were left out of Marvel's "Marvel NOW!" catalog, many fans worried that meant those ongoings had been canceled. Marvel informed CBR that was not the case, and the October solicits prove that. Included in the October solicits are "All-New X-Men" #14, "Extraordinary X-Men" #15, "Uncanny X-Men" #14, "X-Men '92" #8, "All-New Wolverine" #13, "Old Man Logan" #12 and new series "Death of X."

  • A number of titles also begin in October. "Clone Conspiracy" launches, as well as previously unannounced "Civil War II: Oath," "Deadpool: Back in Black" and "Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice." The print edition of the digital-first Marvel Infinite Comic "Deadpool: Too Soon" will also begin in October.

  • Several Marvel NOW! ongoings will begin in October, including "Cage," "Champions," "Doctor Strange: Sorcerers Supreme," "Great Lakes Avengers," "Infamous Iron Man," "Jessica Jones," and "Mosaic."

Additionally, one new piece of art was included in the early solicits: a variant cover for "Civil War II" #7 titled "GI B&W VIRGIN CONNECTING H VAR." The cover features Black Panther, Winter Soldier and She-Hulk.

Marvel's full October solicits will be released next week, after San Diego's Comic-Con International.

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