Diamond Toys Debuts SDCC-Exclusive Ironheart, Dark Phoenix Sculptures

Comic-Con International: San Diego draws ever closer with every passing day, and that means announcements about convention exclusive toys and gifts will only pickup as the event’s July 20 opening day looms. Marvel Comics today announced two convention-exclusive sculptures that will be available for purchase at manufacturer Diamond Select Toys’ booth.

The sculptures are of Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix of Uncanny X-Men fame and Riri Williams – the power suit-clad, college-aged super genius who goes by the moniker Ironheart. Both sculptures stand 10 inches tall and rest of their respective bases. Dark Phoenix hovers above her fiery namesake, while Ironheart’s jet boots propel her above a mechanical-looking stand. Both statues are made from PVC.

The Dark Phoenix statue was sculpted by Alejandro Pereira and comes with its own full-color window box. The Ironheart statue was sculpted by Phil Ramirez and also comes with its own full-color window box. Both statues will be available at Diamond Select Toys’ booth at #2607 in limited quantities.

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The Dark Phoenix statue refers to Jean Grey’s transformation into the Phoenix – and later Dark Phoenix -- in the Dark Phoenix Saga. Penned by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, with art by Byrne and Terry Austin, the comic book series is largely considered a classic X-Men arc.

Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Stefano Caselli, Ironheart was first introduced as Tony Stark’s successor in a comic series in 2016. As a civilian, Riri Williams built an Iron Man suit on her own, which was enough to catch the eye of Iron Man himself. Riri assisted Iron Man in the second superhero Civil War, and later went on to join a resistance group during the events of Secret Empire.

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