Diamond Releases 2011's Top 500 Comics, Trades

Diamond Comic Distributors released its year-end numbers for 2011 with Marvel Comics taking the top spot in both dollar and unit share for the year. Marvel's 37.29% dollar share and 40.93% unit share was followed closely by DC Comics, who had a 31.41% dollar share and 36.77% unit share. Despite DC's second place finish to Marvel in 2011, "Justice League" #1 was the bestselling comic book of the year based on total unit sales to comic book shops. Furthermore, DC's New 52 had nine of the top ten bestselling issues, but only seven of the top grossing. Marvel's highest grossing single issue release was "Ultimate Spider-Man" #160, with "Fantastic Four" #600 and "Amazing Spider-Man" #666 close behind.

When you look closely at the numbers, one thing that jumps out is the disparity between the unit and dollar rankings for certain releases, owing to the higher price tags on a number of important single issues including "Fantastic Four" #600 (#85 in units sold, #8 in dollars), "Batman: Leviathan" (#450 in units sold, #56 in dollars), "Action Comics" #900 (#83 in units sold, #19 in dollars), "Fear Itself" #7 (#47 in units sold, #16 in dollars) and "Brightest Day" #24 (#104 in units sold, #43 in dollars).

Image's "The Walking Dead" topped both units and dollars in the graphic novel category, with the series' collected editions filling six of the top ten spots. The next highest-ranking graphic novel was Top Shelf Productions' "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969" at #3 in units sold. Other standout collections included Legendary Comics and Frank Miller's "Holy Terror," ranking second on the dollars chart (#14 in units); Walt Simonson's "Thor" Omnibus hitting #8 in dollars (#344 in units); IDW's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" hardcover charted at #64 in dollars (#420 in units); and DC's recent "Batman: Noel" original graphic novel ranked #7 in units and #3 in dollars.

Check out the full rankings below for both single issues and trades.

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