Diamond receives exclusive North American rights to distribute Art Meets Matter product

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Diamond Comic Distributors, the world's largest distributor of English-language comics, today announced it has signed a special agreement with Art Meets Matter Ltd to exclusively distribute their products to comic book, game, and specialty store markets in North America. Diamond was also awarded the rights to exclusively distribute Art Meets Matter's new releases to the North American book market under the banner of its sister company, Diamond Book Distributors.

Art Meets Matter is an award-winning design company exploring the relationship between cultural iconography, objects and materials. Created by Royal College of Art graduate Tony Davis the company has explored iconic sources as diverse as the London Underground Diagram or Tube Map, London's A-Z Map and the retail design classic original book cover designs of Penguin Paperbacks from the 1930s. Art Meets Matter sells through the best retailers worldwide. Art Meets Matter is also the publisher of Bookchase(R), a boardgame in which players compete to acquire six small books for their bookshelf. They do this partly by answering multiple-choice questions and partly by visiting special spaces on the board: The Bookshop, The Book Corner, The Library and also by chance events triggered by the turn of an Award or Sentence card. Each player takes turns moving round the board until one player has acquired six books: one of each of six categories. Once the player has a bookshelf with six books they head for the center space and if they arrive with their bookshelf intact they win. The board game was first launched and played at The Hay Festival of Literature in 2007 to rave reviews and officially launched in the US at New York's Toy Fair 2008. "I am fantastically excited that Diamond have had the vision to embrace our first boardgame - Bookchase(R)" said Art Meets Matter Ltd CEO Tony Davis. "The game has received brilliant reviews and sales in the UK and we are already designing our next licensed version based on the work of world-famous children's author - Roald Dahl. Our first showing at New York's Toy Fair 2008 produced quality interest from US retailers large and small so I'm pleased that we are able to partner with Diamond in delivering Bookchase(R) to them as speedily as possible"

"We truly admire Art Meets Matter's dedication to creating innovative products," said Diamond Vice President of Purchasing Bill Schanes. "Their continued effort to provide top-quality pop culture merchandise is an asset we value, and we look forward to working closely with them."

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