Diamond declines to carry <i>Warlords of IO</i> mini-series

SLG Publishing was planning on following up the recent Warlord of IO and Other Stories one-shot with a mini-series -- definitely good news for fans of James Turner. Or at least it would have been, if Warlords of IO and Other Stories had sold better, but Diamond Comics Distributor won't be carrying it. According to an email from SLG, the mini-series won't be published*, but they do plan to release it on the web.

"While that comic has been released to great reviews from both readers and online critics, the sales to comic shops were, well, less than spectacular," the email said, in regards to the one-shot. "As a result our comics distributor has declined to carry the follow-up mini-series Warlords of IO, which continues the story from last month's one-shot."

The first issue is available now on the SLG website for 99 cents as a PDF, while the one-shot can be downloaded for $1.49. If you're unsure about getting it, you can read Michael May's review before doing so; he gave it "five out of five Tiki Pirates."

"Lipstick on a pig? We prefer to think of it as another step in the eventual path of comics publishing," the email says.

*It won't be published as mini-series, anyway; hopefully it will be collected as a trade eventually.

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