Diamond Comic Distributors to distribute Future Comics releases

Official Press Release

Future Comics, the publishing and distribution company founded by industry veterans Bob Layton, Dick Giordano & David Michelinie, announced today that it has reached an agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors that will allow Diamond to carry all Future Comics products.

When asked about the deal, Future's President and Editor-In-Chief Bob Layton replied, "When we first began our operations, Diamond wasn't part of our business plan. However, with the phenomenal growth of our organization, and our pending movie deal, we reconsidered our planned working relationship with the industry's distribution leader-Diamond. The catch was working out a deal that would allow us to do business with each other while still competing as distribution rivals in the marketplace. Thankfully, Bill Schanes and I have been friends for two decades and we've sustained a constructive dialogue throughout Future's birth and growth. After months of negotiating, we've finally come to acceptable terms without compromising the spirit of Future Comics' unique business plan. Our sales policy has been clearly stated from the beginning: we'll sell to anyone as long as it's on our terms, and this Diamond deal does not compromise that policy."

Layton continued, "With the FREEMIND movie on the fast track, we need to get our books out to the general public as soon as possible for maximum impact. Diamond has several excellent plans that will expedite that process for us. There are a sizeable number of retailers who are NOT currently on the Internet, leaving us few options except to utilize other distribution outlets in order to get our products into their stores. We already do business with several of Diamond's competitors, so it's only fair that we show them the same respect."

Future Comics principle and partner Dick Giordano added, "I'm delighted that we were able to come to terms with Diamond Comic Distributors. My relationship with Bill Schanes, Steve Geppi and the Diamond staff goes back to the early Eighties when DC Comics entered the direct sales market in a big way. I found them to be helpful, professional, hard working and, in particular, caring about the industry. Of course, my happiness is, in part, due to the fact that Deathmask #1 (a title I'll be drawing) will be amongst the first Future Comics solicited by Diamond in their January 2003 catalogue."

Diamond will begin soliciting Future's three existing titles, FREEMIND (#5), METALLIX (#4) and DEATHMASK (#1) in their January, 2003, Previews catalogue (March on sale), on a first-run basis. Additionally, back orders of previous issues will be available through Diamond for their customers who missed the opportunity to order them directly from Future Comics.

When asked about the arrangement with Future Comics, Diamond V.P. Purchasing Bill Schanes responded, "Future Comics has a top notch team of industry professionals. We've been impressed with Freemind and Metallix, and the early pages of Deathmask look fantastic. Diamond will be able to put Future Comics into more retailer outlets, which ultimately means more consumers will be able to enjoy this excellent line of comic books"

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