Diamond Comic Distributors Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Official Press Release

In February, Diamond Comic Distributors will celebrate its 20th year of operation, marking two decades of serving specialty market retailers and suppliers!

A lifelong comics reader who became a successful retailer in 1978, Diamond President and CEO Steve Geppi was well-versed in both the artistic and commercial aspects of the industry. When an area distributor folded in 1982, Geppi - with the encouragement of many of his fellow retailers - filled the void by creating Diamond. His clear understanding of the products, services, and respect that retailers deserved and expected from a distributor helped him draft an effective business model for his then-fledgling company, the tenets of which still benefit Diamond and its customers 20 years later.

Under Geppi's careful guidance, Diamond's family of employees helped nurture that small, local operation into the internationally known distributor that it is today, helping more than 4,000 specialty market retailers around the world maximize their profits by bringing them the best products and support available. Utilizing all the benefits of the computer age, Diamond's programs have expanded to include a host of high-tech services and ordering tools, such as Diamond Online, Previews Online, and more, and will continue to grow to meet the needs of the 21st century.

"When I look back at what Diamond has accomplished since I founded it 20 years ago, it astounds me how many things have changed," said Geppi. "But what astounds me even more is how much we've been able to adapt to those changes while remaining, essentially, the same: We bring retailers the widest possible variety of products from a diverse selection of suppliers. We help retailers sell those products with a full spectrum of support services and programs. And we treat retailers with the respect they deserve as the people who make us successful.

"As Diamond celebrates its 20th anniversary, we find ourselves facing an ever-changing set of challenges and opportunities," Geppi continued. "As in the past, we look forward to working with our suppliers and customers to ensure continued success for everyone involved."

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