Diamond Brings Eddie Campbell Comics' From Hell to Bookstores

Press Release

Diamond Book Distributors and Eddie Campbell Comics have reached an agreement naming Diamond as the exclusive U.S. and non-exclusive worldwide distributor of the movie cover-edition of the publisher's From Hell graphic novel to the bookstore markets. The publisher's other titles have currently been withdrawn from the book trade.

Founded by celebrated illustrator Eddie Campbell, Eddie Campbell Comics is an Australian publisher that offers the very best in cutting edge comics material, including writer Alan Moore (Watchmen) and Campbell's From Hell, which was adapted into one of the most talked-about films of 2001. Directed by the Hughes Brothers (Menace 2 Society), the film – which starred Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands) and Heather Graham (Boogie Nights) – earned more than $41 million in worldwide release.

"From Hell is one of the most acclaimed graphic novels ever created," said Diamond Vice President of Purchasing Bill Schanes. "The motion picture helped spread the word of this remarkable story to mainstream movie audiences, and many of those viewers are sure to be interested in reading this singular take on one of history's most shocking crimes. Moreover, Diamond is very glad to have the opportunity to promote the only Eddie Campbell Comics title available to the book trade at this time."

Diamond's Sales Team will begin working with bookstores, book wholesalers, warehouse clubs, mass merchandisers, and libraries to place Eddie Campbell Comics' graphic novels across the country. "Throughout its history, Eddie Campbell Comics has been a standout specialty market publisher," Schanes added, "and its From Hell movie cover-edition graphic novel should be equally successful in traditional bookstore channels."

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